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The DLC Premium Classification Tier + V3.1 Requirements

Posted by Christine Beltzer on Tue, Jan 5, 2016 @ 07:01 AM

DesignLights ConsortiumTM:

The DLC Premium Classification Tier & Transitioning to V3.1 Requirements

The DesignLights Consortium released Version 3.0 of their Technical Requirements in June of this year.  The DLC reduced the number of categories from 37 to 15 and recast many previous categories as "Primary Use" designations. The "Specialty" subcategory, in particular, paves the way for luminaires that meet basic requirements for niche applications.

One of the most important features of Version 3.0 is the introduction of a new classification of high-performing Premium Products that are characterized by higher efficacy (lumens per watt) as well as long term performance (L90 greater than 36,000 hours).

The premium classification also requires ISTMT on the driver as well as documentation of an acceptable operating temperature for >50,000 hour life. (If the driver is "in-house," equivalent documentation must be provided.)

ISTMT it is the measurement of the LED source case temperature within the LED system (luminaire or lamp) while it is operating in its designed position and or environment (In "SITUation"). The measurement is performed at the temperature measurement point (Tc Point) indicated by the LED package manufacturer.

The Implementation Timeline states that all products (both premium and standard) must satisfy version 3.0 requirements by March 25, 2016 in order to remain on the DLC's Qualified Products List (QPL).

According to a bulletin issued by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL), the cost of upgrading a product that is already on the QPL to Premium involves only the new test data (specifically the driver ISTMT). Products that are new to the list such as troffer retrofits and LED tube lamps will require full testing. Note that reclassification must be complete by February 19, 2016.

New Version 3.1 Requirements

Version 3.1 of the DesignLights Technical Requirements Table features separate requirements for Luminaires, Lamps and Retrofit Kits. This version also includes requirements and associated policies for the following categories and primary use designations:

  • Mogul Screw-Base Replacements for HID LampsDLC_Tech_Req_Table_V3.1.jpg
  • Outdoor Non-Cutoff and Semi-Cutoff Wall-Mounted Area Luminaries
  • Expanded Retrofit Kits
  • Linear Replacement Lamps

Manufacturers may apply for qualification under the new categories immediately. A new application form and instructions are available on the DLC website.

Look for information about changes in these categories:

  • Mogul Screw-Base Requirements for HID Lamps. This category includes LED products that are direct replacements for HID lamps that use the existing lamp holder and are mechanically and/or electrically connected to the fixture and circuit by a standard screw base. Note, however, that only mogul-base (E39) products are eligible at this time.  Both medium-base (E26) and "Type A" products designed to operate off the existing HID ballast   are Not eligible at this time. The DLC will continue to keep both these product types under consideration for future development cycles.                                                                              

  • Outdoor Non-Cutoff and Semi-Cutoff Wall-Mounted Area Luminaires. The DLC has created a distinct primary use designation for Wall Packs that produce "uplight" and therefore do not meet the full-cutoff requirements of the Wall-Mounted Area Luminaires primary use designation. Products previously submitted under the "Specialty Use" provisions will be evaluated against the requirements of this new category and transitioned automatically if they meet these requirements.  Wall packs that produce uplight and do not meet the requirements of the new "Non-cutoff and semi-cutoff" designation will still be considered for listing under the Specialty Use Designations on a case by case basis. The Specialty Products Policy provides more i         information about this category.  The full cutoff Wall Pack Category that was formerly labeled "Outdoor Wall-Mounted Area  Luminaires" has been renamed Outdoor Full-Cutoff Wall-Mounted Area Luminaires.
  • Expanded Retrofit Kits. The reference housing types that retrofit kit products may test in for existing categories and primary use designations have been expanded and a primary use designation for retrofit kits for direct linear ambient luminaires has been added. The new reference housing types apply to retrofit kits that replace fluorescent-style products for which fluorescent style housings were previously not available.
  • Linear Replacement Lamps.  The DLC has expanded the provisions for Type C linear lamp products. The previous policy included provisions only for 2-lamp 4-foot lamp systems and 3-lamp 2-foot lamp systems. The new policy provides for 2-, 3-, and 4-lamp systems in both lamp lengths.

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