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DesignLights Consortium: The DLC Proposed Technical Requirements 4.0

Posted by Frank Vaccariello on Thu, Mar 3, 2016 @ 07:03 AM

When deemed necessary, the DesignLights Consortium revises its requirements in order to maintain consistency with the continually changing technology in the lighting market and maintain energy savings and other requirements of DLC members and the lighting community as a whole. Revisions to the DLC requirements in 2014 and 2015 focused on restructuring the technical requirements table, establishing guidelines and requirements for the DLC Premium classification, and provided direction under new Specialty Use designations for products to be effectively qualified.  Over the past 3 years since efficacy levels have undergone revision under the DLC guidelines the solid-state lighting market has experienced major growth and the performance of products has improved significantly.

The DLC is proposing new technical requirements 4.0 to be launched mid-June 2016. This V 4.0 revision focuses primarily on product efficacy. Given the length of time between revisions and the explosive growth of the market, the proposed efficacy increases strive to be ambitious, and gain efficiencies, would eliminate an estimated 40-60% of products currently listed on the QPL. 

The grace period for requalifying currently products will be 270 days. 

Those products that do not meet V 4.0 by January 1, 2017 will necessarily be delisted.   

The primary change seen in V 4.0 is a significant increase in the required efficacy of a product. 

See the Technical Requirements Table, V4.0 draft for detail. 

  Click Image to View Table

This will involve:

  • All  outdoor luminaires: standard tier min efficacy increase 33-38%; premium tier min efficacy increase 14-15%
  • Highbay HBL; standard tier min efficacy increase 31%; premium tier min efficacy increase 27%

The DLC is in place to support its constituents.  DLC member manufacturers should consider commenting their observations and how specific goals may be affected by the new V 4.0 requirements. The following are a few of the areas to consider:

  • There may be impacts on current or planned product launches
  • Incremental product cost increases- cost to produce these high efficacy products-may exceed the energy savings
  • Impact of proposed efficacy levels on product quality as well as alternative criteria to help ensure current quality parameters (example optical quality)
  • DLC is considering creating provisions for reporting metrics in TM-30

According to the Edison Report, manufacturers should review Technical Requirements Table v4.0, along with a cover letter that outlines the key changes and take note of the intended timelines.  Specific requests for information are being solicited in this public comment process.  Comments are to be submitted in writing to [email protected] by March 18, 2016.


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